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Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are a cost-effective and efficient way to build a custom space fast!

We carry a full line of metal building components including structural shapes, trims, and fasteners in a variety of finishes and colors.

Let us quote you all the parts you need to construct your new space 

Structural Components:

Cee-Purlins Zee-Purlins Channels Base Angles Eave Strut

* 14 gauge standard stock (Available from 10ga-16ga upon request)

Walls and Roof:

PB U-Panel PB R-Panel

*26ga standard stock (Available in 24ga upon request)


Outside Corner Gutter Rake Trim Jamb Trim


Head Trim Ridge Cap Eave Trim Downspout


Both U & R styles available. Exact dimensions may vary by style.
* 26ga standard stock for all trims

Doors & Door Kits:

3070 Door 6070 Door Roll-Up Doors

*Roll-Up door available in wind-rated and non-wind-rated


Tek Screw Lap-Tek Screw Pop Rivet

*Long-life fasteners available upon request

Let us quote you a full Metal Building Kit

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