Steel Plate Suppliers



Can custom cut angles to any size necessary to meet the customer’s need. Minimum purchase may be required.

Steel, aluminum, and stainless angles are used for a variety of purposes:


  • Reinforcement - The larger the metal angle, the more stress and weight it can bear. When angles are bolted or welded to the corner of anything being constructed, this increases its ability to bear stress and enhances its longevity.

  • Support - A common use of metal angles is as a bracket support for shelving, usually attached to the wall at a perpendicular angle. Angle irons are useful in bracing joints and in holding different components in place.

  • Framework - Metal angles are a basic component of nearly every construction project. From buildings to factory machinery to beds, steel angles are used to provide a strong framework.

  • Decorative - Steel angles are not always hidden in construction. They are sometimes used decoratively as trim on the edges of furniture and in building interiors including doorways, counter tops and floors.